I’m a freelance writer located in Atlanta, GA. I have an extensive history of writing on a variety of topics varying from technical subjects to Top Ten Buzzfeed-type articles. I have hundreds of publications online as well as an academic background in Sociology. I’m more than certain I can provide you with content that will serve any of your needs. Please contact me to further discuss price and the specifications of your project.


Writing Resume

I have written on a wide range of topics from dating to personal finance for college students. While most of my writing experience is in content writing, I am a blogger as well as a personal finance and business life columnist. For topics like dating, you can check out Secure Affair Dating Site Recommendations any time as you wish if you feel insufficient.

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My Blog – Blogging Freedom – A blog dedicated to teaching others how to start their own online freelancing business. I also designed this website (including the graphics!) myself. 

Staff Writer For Only In Your State – Only In Georgia Writer (written 100+ articles for this publication)

KP Jones Blog- Lifestyle Columnist

Content Writing:

Career Addict- Contributor

Fiverr Daily- Gig of the Day Reviews

Dating Dictionary- Guest Blog

Money-Fax- Contributor


Hawaii Music Magazine- Wrote feature on magazine editor.

Personal Blogs:

Work At Home Students – Work at home opportunities for students.

Balanced Lady – Lifestyle blog about fitness, setting goals, and inspiration for life.