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Need to grow your blog? Here are the best 50 Facebook Groups for Bloggers!
Need to grow your blog? Here are the best 50 Facebook Groups for Bloggers!

Facebook groups are my JAM! I freakin’ love Facebook groups and would not know half the things I know about blogging today if it wasn’t for Facebook groups.

I discovered Facebook groups about a year ago in Fall of 2015 and since then I’ve started three Facebook groups, grown them to thousands of bloggers, and help another blogger run her Facebook group that hosts thousands of members. I’ve meet so many cool people, shared so much, learned so much, and have sold courses, coaching packages, grown my website traffic and email list.

I honestly believe that everyone who wants to build an online tribe should start a Facebook group immediately. I guarantee that in a year or two, you won’t regret it.

To get started, join a few of my favorite Facebook groups and start talking! Once you get the hang of how they are run and how people interact, you’ll feel more comfortable starting your own.

Here are 50 of my fav Facebook groups!

  1. Blog Promo Community – This is my very first Facebook group and it’s my favorite one!
  2. Bloggers Mastermind – I started this Facebook group with Brian Manon when I created the Bloggers Mastermind membership board. The membership board flopped but the group is awesome!
  3. The Blog Loft – I help manage this group and it is an awesome group of people! You can promote your blog posts daily in this blogging group.
  4. Show Your Blog Love
  5. Seven Figure Sirens
  6. A-List Entrepreneurs
  7. Biz B.A.B.E.S
  8. Babes in Business
  9. Ladyboss Lifestyle
  10. Inspired Bloggers Network
  11. Screw the 9-5 Community
  12. Growing Social Media for Bloggers
  13. Turbo Blogging & Business
  14. Grow Your Blog
  15. The Blogger Life
  16. Build it Up – Bloggers Connecting (now The Hopping Bloggers)
  17. The Savvy Bloggers
  18. Blog Love
  19. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers
  20. #AuthenticBloggers
  21. Bloggers Community
  22. Bloggers Gonna Blog
  23. The Laptop Lifestyle
  24. Blogging with Becky & Paula
  25. Blog + Biz BFFs
  26. Periscope Perigirls (for women only — sorry guys!)
  27. Blog & Business: Moms who do it all
  28. Uncork Your Dork
  29. Powerful Women Entrepreneurs
  30. The Rising Tide Society
  31. BLM Bloggers Like Me
  32. Bloggers United
  33. Sisterhood of Triumphant Women
  34. Entrepreneurial Women
  35. Venture Shorts
  36. Blogging Newbs
  37. The SITS Girls Facebook Group
  38. The Smart Passive Income Community
  39. Awesome Bloggers
  40. The Teachable Tribe
  41. Blog Exchange
  42. Sparklepreneur Tribe
  43. A-List Entrepreneurs
  44. The Think & Grow Chick Private Community
  45. The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur
  46. The Spiritual Bad-Ass Boss Lady
  47. My Wife Quit Her Job Community
  48. #HeartHustlers with Zach Spuckler
  49. The Entrepreneur Incubator
  50. Bloggers United

What are some of your favorite Facebook groups? Tell me in the comments below!


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